What’s RSVP by DiCE?

RSVP by DiCE is a notification tool that invites, reminds, manages, and analyzes from pre-event to post-event whatever your event is on-site or virtual.

Its unmissable guest data analysis and download via Excel after the event makes it far more powerful and convenient than traditional RSVP. As well as its registration functionality makes a plan and organize for the event an absolute breeze!

Using it to invite your potential participant to important events –resemble announcements, seminars, and workshops. At the same time, capture significant registration details, such as online email invitations and reminders, guest list check-in and more…


What’s Special for rsvp by dice?

Create & Customize


The landing page, registration page, login page email format & unique URL link of RSVP by DiCE design allow you to reflect your brand image and value.

Private  Event Management Dashboard


All event data include the guest list, email invitations and reminders are also saved in each private RSVP. You may track, manage, and analyze via the dashboard.

High Level of Event & Data Security 


We have also allowed the password to protect the event and data with a high-security level. For example, guests list only and one-time-password (OTP) for check-in private events.

Why Choose RSVP As A Registration System


Keep Tracks For Detail Easily

Flawless Organization of Guest Lists

Real-Time Report


Multilingual Support

RSVP by Dice

Rsvp solutions

Enhanced Event First Impression


A customization landing page and email invitation are also represented to give the first impression of the brand image and value.

Possessed High-Security Event 


Setting the one-time-password (OTP) can allow invited attendees to arrive only and avoid other unrelated attendees who enter the private event that achieved a greater level of security. 

Email Marketing


Personalize your emails based on any contact information you have. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your emails feel personal. And attendees engage with your emails.

Membership Management


Selecting some potential attendees based on your business and as a membership. You may also track their trends as your information in the marketing stage.

Detail Attendance Report 


Post-event reporting allows the organizer to have detailed attendance records. They assist greatly in marketing analysis someday. 

Manage Event Systemically


A large database is also available in RSVP by DiCE. It can auto-classify, analyze, and manage your post-event data actually. 

RSVP by Dice

RSVP by DiCE is not just for Virtual  Event only…