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DiCE is not a conventional event production house in Hong Kong. We believe that digital and creative are the future pathways for the market.  We use technical ability and unlimited creativity to take our clients’ projects while maintaining the best possible quality.

DiCE always focuses on inventive and feasibility. We ensure your event is a resounding success and outshines your competitors and opens up your commercial opportunity by our professional and unbounded creation.

How it work

Completed equipment and different masterful teams are also the superiority of  DiCE. Selected a production house by one-stop services like DiCE, you may alleviate concerns about the oversight while your event is continually due to the misinterpretation between two different production houses.

No matter what you want any electronic elements into your event or party, DiCE can also do it as long as you want. From the customary technology to the latest effect by digital, we can also do it and most of the products and solutions are customized. Let you design, let us achieve.